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     This is the site of Moscow Club of Collectors of Pocket Calendars.
     We are very glad to see you on our site. Here you can find a lot of interesting clauses about our club and about a history of Russian calendar. In our Vernisage you can look many virtual copies of the oldest and rare calendars. Here it is possible to leave the announcements, having sent it on our electronic mail. Through our large collection of the links you can get on sites of your old friends and colleagues, or to find a new once. Unfortunately, not all our pages are ready, but as soon as possible they will be accessible to our visitors.
     We shall be glad to answer all questions, to consider your offers, to help your hobby. Our post adress: 127055, a/box 98, Moscow, Russia. Our electronic address: E-mail: .

       If you liked our site, do not consider for heavy work to visit our Guestbook and to leave the response. And if the site hasn’t liked to you by something, you will write your response, how it seems,  still more willingly. But, so or differently, we shall be glad to read any your opinion in our Guestbook!


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